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pitch deck - accredited investors only

1. Sustainability and housing - why thinking small is the next BIG thing

1. Economic: The largest expense for most individuals 

2. Environment: The largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions 

3. Social: The necessary foundation for prosperity and opportunity


Over 50% of homes to be built are for single person occupancy.

We must find a way to live in a smaller footprint without sacrificing comfort.

2. Adaptive is the most sustainable and scalable building system

1. Transformable living space for live, work, play.

2. 4 in 1.  800 square feet of living in ~200 square feet of space

3. Integrated building system for total life cycle management



Our beds are empty two-thirds of the time.

Our living rooms are empty seven-eighths of the time.

Our office buildings are empty one-half of the time.

It's time we gave this some thought. 

3. LEGO building block for single and multi-family housing 

Proprietary building system with over 50 patents and 15 years of R&D.

Units can be stacked horizontally or vertically for sustainable communities.

Unique multi-use space for elegant and efficient living.


Images and video at

4. Build-to-rent property developer

Adaptive is a build-to-rent developer and partners with land owners to 1) place units 2) manage tenants, and 3) maintain units.


Example: Adaptive signs a renewable 5-year lease with a homeowner and pays homeowner ~1/3 of net rental income for use of yard. Estimated at ~$1,000 monthly to homeowner. 


Years 1-2: San Francisco with backyard ADUs. Up to 4 ADUs per property.

Years 3-4: Urban infill projects in partnership with cities with stacking units.

Years 5+: Sustainable communities with repeatable and scalable system.


competitor slide



David Hall, Bill Phillips, Wendy Coplen (Carl Belliston as Secretary)



David Hall, Chairman and Technology CEO - Founding investor and focus on technology  development. Founder of Hall Labs with over 600 patents and shared management services.


Scott Kohea, Business CEO - Business strategy and development. Masters degrees from Oxford and Cambridge in Business and Sustainable Urban Development.


Jon Marshall, COO – General manager over operations and engineering. Mechanical engineering and MBA from Brigham Young University.


Ben Jensen, Architectural and construction design and management.


Jay Reynolds, Manufacturing - Experienced manufacturing engineer.


Long term unit economics (by end of 2025)


$85,000 COGS per unit

48 units / month production per site

$200,000 Financing value with install (for financing) 

$250,000 Retail price (lien value - if sold)

$3,000 monthly rental per unit (short and long term)

    ~$1,000 to property owner

      $1,000 to pay down loan with increased equity

      $1,000 profit to Adaptive


    ~$50,000 monthly annuity created each month


Series A, $10M equity alongside Hall Labs.

$10M round at $40m pre, $50m post.  


$50,000 minimum increments.  12% preference over common. 


$1M per quarter overhead

R&D engineering, production, warehouse rent, overhead

May 2022, Prototype 1 to stay in Provo as a demo unit. 

September 2022, Prototype 2 near Apple headquarters with 3 more joining later

June 2023, Production unit 1 will be placed in SF backyard with others following 

2024, Production and placement of one unit per week (50 annual)

2025, Production and placement of two units per week (100 annual)

2026, Production and placement of four units per week (200 annual)

2027, Production and placement of eight units per week (400 annual)

....2032, Production and placement of 120 units per week (6,400 annual)

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